13 January 2010

time for thanks

While every gift and giver was fresh in our brains, I made a list and started on cards. I looked to Molly Irwin for inspiration - she does wonderful things with her photos and this card needed to be special. I love the feel of her design. After browsing around I just went to work on something simple but textural. The polka-dotted pages were all the spark I needed. Ovals are more my thing so those were used instead for the background pattern. Add the photo, type, & we're almost there. My pics do not do these much justice. I have to say - this is the first time there were two boys sitting nicely for a picture! Mason usually presses his face up against the lens with a goofy grin, and Nate turns away, or runs away. And only one take! I'm still amazed.

Next they were printed out (on our not-so-great-quality-printer, ugh) and off to find some card stock. Paper samples from a former life fit the bill. The photos just had to be stitched on - love that detail & texture. Kind of like strings of lights. So very easy, fairly fast (depending on quantity) and very worth it.


Jill said...

These are adorable (both the cards and the boys). Molly inspires me too.

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