21 January 2010

sunshine and kalanchoe

After four straight days of cold and grey, it was so nice to see a happily blooming plant soak in the sun yesterday. A little something to brighten up my world. 

If only it were that easy for everyone.

Take a look at what the craft community is doing to help, at Craft Hope.


Karen said...

Is the rain getting to you too? I have been feeling rather blue lately and not very inspired. Thanks for posting, it brightens up my day as well!


Karen said...

I had forgotten that you are back East! It's been rainy here in So Cal for 5 days now, so your post was greatly needed!

Karen Meirs said...

Thanks, Karen - Glad I could spread a bit of sun! It was rainy/snowy for a couple of days, then just grey, now sun. Your storm will be with us on Monday. :(

Sorry to hear you have the blues... do something different, that usually helps me. Go somewhere new for a walk... any change of scenery can shake it up. Good luck.

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