26 August 2009

another app for that...

It dawned on me that there's a whole other avenue of use for my supplies board - it can be a place for your children's found treasures. An interactive and evolving display of found objects and favorite things personal to them. My Mason is always finding a leaf or stone to bring home almost wherever we go, and this would be a great place for his objects to live. He could add & change it by himself, and have a show & tell of his travels.

My first one is too adult looking for a child, I think - and also horizontal may be better for easy child access. Clear lids are best for viewing, but not crazy about the black for kids, either. I'll have to scour the cupboards. My husband wants one for herbs & spices (he's quite the cook) but I hesitate to use plastic. I'd love aluminum for food use, or glass, but with glass I'd have to check into adhesives. This simple idea is really branching out!

For now, I guess I need to get busy on some kid-friendly treasure boards.

21 August 2009

there's an app for that...

Just a useful little something from what I already had, in my attempts to organize my evolving studio space. This handy little item can hold a myriad of supplies, buttons & beads, nails & screws, embroidery floss, paper clips & rubber bands et al...  the list goes on. It can also be made from lots of different wood types, old painted moldings, just about any kind of scrap you may have. Mine is 28.5" finished length because of the piece I had. It can hang vertically or horizontally to suit your space - above your desk,  under a shelf, wherever you need it handy. Take it down, open it up & use what you need.

I made the top in the shape of a cutting board that hung on the wall in my sister's old apartment in Brookline. I always liked it. But the board doesn't have to have a shaped top or end, you can drill small holes for a piece of ribbon or leather shoelace to hang it just as well. The containers I used are sturdy plastic food containers about 3.5" at the widest point. Again, many different items can be used. I measured out points on the board & drilled through the container from the front. I have some extras, so if anything breaks I can replace it easily.

It's all about taking a look at the things that pass through our lives & seeing if we can do better than just throwing them away. I'm calling it a Supplies Board. What do you need one for?

18 August 2009

back to life, back to reality

My favorite shot from this past week... the boys napping sweetly on the beach at the Cape. Lots of fun, not too much sun, (no burns!) lots of little treats, and lots of cousin time. Nate loved the rides in Ankle Bill's truck (he can't quite say uncle), and Mason loved chasing - actually, being herded by - JenJen the shelty dog. A big week of beach, seafood, and hanging out. Big Thanks to Auntie Janie & Ankle Bill for having us!

But now, after some family at our house, and then being away... it's back to life, back to reality. I'll have to look up what song that is. Anyone remember?

This project has been developing in my mind ever since I first saw the little salad dressing take out containers. I like ovals. I've saved them all with the intent to do something. The wood is a scrap from my workshop - a piece of cherry that will finish up very nicely with a coat of clear satin. It's a sample piece from cabinets for a kitchen I did a few years ago. Random small screws round out the materials. If you can't guess what it is, you'll see the result in my next post. Check back for the reveal!

05 August 2009

a family in August

This week we have been hosting my mil, Grandma Audrey & boyfriend Joe, seeing the sights in & around our fair city. In all my years of living here, Monday was the first time I'd ever been on the swan boats in the Boston Public Garden. It was a very sweet afternoon with cooperative weather, smaller than usual crowds, a perfect parking spot (yes, a Birthday parking spot, Kim) and happy boys enjoying the boats and walking through the park. It's nice to be a tourist once in awhile, right in your own backyard.

I've got a non-sewing old beginning in the works, to be posted as soon as I can. Next week - the beach, with the other side of the family. Good, busy, fun.

photo from pps.org

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