26 August 2009

another app for that...

It dawned on me that there's a whole other avenue of use for my supplies board - it can be a place for your children's found treasures. An interactive and evolving display of found objects and favorite things personal to them. My Mason is always finding a leaf or stone to bring home almost wherever we go, and this would be a great place for his objects to live. He could add & change it by himself, and have a show & tell of his travels.

My first one is too adult looking for a child, I think - and also horizontal may be better for easy child access. Clear lids are best for viewing, but not crazy about the black for kids, either. I'll have to scour the cupboards. My husband wants one for herbs & spices (he's quite the cook) but I hesitate to use plastic. I'd love aluminum for food use, or glass, but with glass I'd have to check into adhesives. This simple idea is really branching out!

For now, I guess I need to get busy on some kid-friendly treasure boards.

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