22 October 2009

are these too girly?

That's the first thing that came out of my husband's mouth. "Aren't those a bit... girly? I mean, they're knit." O. K. 

I was excited to even have gotten a slipper shape, having just grabbed some of my Nana's yarn & a crochet hook and just went with it. No pattern, no nothing. And each slipper came out the same size as it's mate - another feat. Any knitter or crocheter knows what I mean. The blue pair - Nate's, came first, but I figured the shape out a bit better when doing Mason's. I was happy with them given that these just came out of my hands and brain with no other starting point than the fact that my boys need slippers. I think Nana would like them.

But, my bubble has been effectively burst. Can anyone tell me that a pair of nearly 3 year old boys can wear them (even in front of company) without being embarrassed? Oh - they do get embarrassed, they yell at their dad to stop dancing all the time. It's true.

So, let me know - comment your vote. I can take it, and I'm sure my husband can, too.


Karen said...

Those slippers look very comfy. My vote would be a "yay", especially since you made these from scratch. Good colors. Well, I think if the boys feel embarassed, ask them if they want cold toes.

Kim said...

I think they are urban chic meets L.L. Bean. I could totally see these slippers in the J. Peterman catalog.

Very cute!

Cayce said...

I think maybe your Nana made them for the Boys thru you.

Anonymous said...

I think they're swell - and you could even make them in Red Sox colors!

Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Auntie Jannie would be proud to have them over in these slippers! They are totally cute...fitting for the totally cute feet that they were made for!

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