14 May 2010

for the herbs

This project started with an idea of plants for a birthday gift. The plants had to be in containers so they could move with the birthday lady. I've always liked planters with legs, and thought a little kitchen garden would be nice. At window height, it elevates the plants to reach the sun. It can live in or out, easily moved for frost nights and off seasons, or just follow the sun where needed.Add Image

A little bit of looking turned up these porch spindles that a friend rescued, and door casing moldings from an old home. It's a pretty simple project to put together. I picked up the plants and a window box insert first to determine exact size - important if you use an insert. There are other ways of lining the box, but this worked best here. The wood won't last very long if you plant directly in it, or leave it out untreated for a long time.

The paint on these parts is as is - how they last were in their old life. The sides and legs are attached with biscuits & glue, and I put 3 strips of strapping underneath for more support to the structure, screwed in on the long sides. Since there is an insert here with a lip/edge to it, it doesn't need a full bottom. Simple construction. Swift gratification. Pretty home for herbs.


Erin Lang Norris said...

This is gorgeous! I may just need to do something similar...I've been wanting a table for my smaller, more delicate looking plants and this would be perfect!

And PS- thank you so much for the tineye.com resource that you left on my blog. Such a huge help!!!

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