28 July 2009

I love t-shirt pants!

These have been brewing for awhile, so I finally grabbed an hour here & there to get them done. Tons of creative possibilities.  They can be long, short, or in-between. They can be simple or layered with details. These are all sized 2-3T, so one shirt is all that's needed, even a large child's sized t. A great way to use some neat graphics from a shirt you no longer - or just don't, wear. Even hand-me-downs, thanks to cousins Tommy & Kevin!

All of these shirts were given to me & had been hanging around in one drawer/bin or other, just waiting. When the weather started getting warmer & my boys needed some lighter weight pajamas, I started on these. Everything I used was already in my studio, including the elastic. Gotta love that! The pattern is the same Kwik Sew I very loosely used before - on these the adjustments were on both length & width, blending sizes, all kinds of crazy stuff. It would be easier to copy a pair that fits or just needs an adjustment you can handle. That being said - these are very simple & quick. Once you do one, you'll want to make more.

You really can go nuts with details on these little pants. I created & added the pockets, and love how they came out -  especially the leftover neck band at the top edge, (on the striped pair) and the pleat that makes the other look like a cargo pocket. The leg banding I also added - on the white pair it's leftover from the polo shirts turned into hoodies project from my first post. It's the ribbing from the sleeves. Love that detail - it makes a nice clean finish & the contrast topstitching ties it together. The blue pair uses the neck band from the striped shirt, but there wasn't enough for both legs. It adds to the overall personality, I think.

Anyone interested in more sewing details or a tutorial, just comment on this post & I'll give you the info you need. I'll try to get some action shots posted, too!


Anonymous said...

Wow, these would be great to have for sleeping on cooler nights or just kicking around the house!
-Jane P.

Grey Cottage Studio said...

I am so happy that you posted on my blog, because I got to see your amazing t-shirt pants. I am SO going to make these. I have never sewn knits before though, can I just use a zipper foot? Tutorial please!

Karen Meirs said...

Hey - thanks for coming by! I will try to work on a tutorial soon. You can use your regular foot on your machine - just loosen the tension a bit, use a long stitch length, & stretch the fabric as you sew. It sounds worse than it is - just practice on scrap. Also, check your manual if you have one. Good luck! Check back, I'll get you a step-by-step.

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